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In my imagination, the genres are personified:  traditional folk from the British Isles and Ireland, and its descendants in the USA and Canada and other English-speaking former colonies; blues; singer/songwriter folk that is rooted in that tradition (not merely acoustic pop); bluegrass; “world” music, largely acoustic, rooted in one or two other lands and cultures though doubtless influenced by many.  They come together at a crossroads, mingle, converse, and continue on their ways:  along their original paths and new ones, individually and in small groups now changing one another and at the same time remaining themselves.

My vision is to enter that crossroads myself:  to listen, and understand where the music is coming from and where it is going, and join the conversation.  Would you like to walk with me along these roads?

Posted 13 February 2013 by Folk Crossing

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  1. Just a note: The current header has nothing in particular to do with the subject of the blog; it’s just a particularly nice one that needs no copyright permission, because it’s my own. Cusco, Peru, at night: July 2012.

  2. This is the best blog in the history of ever.

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