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Brother Sun: “A different vision of masculinity”   1 comment

Brother Sun

Greg Greenway: ”Barney in combat boots and black pants,” with the sense of humor that that self-description implies; erstwhile rock ‘n’ roll guy who still sounds like ’70s folk-rock much of the time; percussive guitarist and piano player; writer of inspiring political anthems and sensitive songs about men’s issues and love. Joe Jencks: teddy bear with a Barry White voice, union activist, narrator of amazing story-songs about multiple facets of the American experience. Pat Wictor: sensitive poet, terrific slide-guitar player, singing sweet and thoughtful songs about love and spirituality.

As individuals, they are all among my favorite performers. Together, they are Brother Sun, singing and playing all of the above with the addition of gorgeous harmonies and interpersonal banter that makes the band’s shows more fun than anything else I can think of.  Inspiration, wit, humor, political awareness, and an overwhelming sense of love: for one another, for the audience, for just about all of humanity.

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